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Resources are items intended to present supplemental materials that will enable scholars to teach religion and ecology more effectively.


Includes a list of syllabi on items relating to various religious traditions and ecology.
Includes a list of bibliographies relating to world religions, intersecting disciplines, and educational resources. 
Video List
Includes a list of video resources for classroom use.
Includes a list of CD-ROM resources for classroom use.
Educational Links
Includes a brief list of environmental programs in the United States and abroad and a list of organizations assisting institutes of higher education in creating environmental programs.
Institutional Greening Links
This includes a brief list of organizations that are focused on the "greening" of higher education.
Speakers List
Includes a list of scholars to contact for speaking engagements.


Resource Information Sheet
This Resource Information Sheet contains information about a variety of resources: films, youth books, songbooks, posters, magazine issues, building resources, study guides, and resources for congregations and clergy.  This file is in the form of an Excel document and was compiled for Interfaith Power and Light by Frederica Ghesquiere.