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Includes information on several book series, including the CSWR Religions of the World and Ecology and the Orbis Ecology and Justice series, related forthcoming books, and other related resource materials.
Includes information on several journals focusing on religion and ecology, including: Daedalus special issue on "Religion and Ecology," the Worldviews: Environment, Culture, and Religion journal, Religious Studies News, and a special issue of Earth Ethics.
Mass Media
Includes special magazine issues on religion and ecology, a list of relevant newspaper articles, television series, and other scholarly articles on religion and ecology.

Includes a list of official statements by religious and scientific organizations on environmental topics.


Includes a list of projects relating to religion and ecology, such as the Earth Charter, and supportive essays on the project.

Includes a list of bibliographies relating to world religions, intersecting disciplines, and educational resources.

Forum Newsletters
Includes past issues of Forum Newsletters sent out to the Forum Listserv.