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The following are pdf files for the archives of the emails sent out by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other news sources from 2001 to the Present.




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"An Examination of the Views of Religious Organizations Regarding Global Warming"

This document is the testimony on global warming given Thursday, June 7, 2007 to
the Senate Committee on the Environment by US Religious Organizations. (Click Here for Full PDF Document)


E The Environmental Magazine
Vol 13, No. 6
November/December 2002
"Can Religion Save the Environment?"

E Magazine Vol. 13, No. 6 Contents Include:

Article Title   Author
“Stewards of the Earth: The Growing Religious Mission to Protect the Environment”   Jim Motavalli
“Conversations: Transforming Religions”   John Grim
“Conversations: Making Spiritual Connections”   Paul Gorman
“Worldly Wonder: Religions Enter an Ecological Phase”   Mary Evelyn Tucker

For additional information regarding this special issue of E Magazine, please contact:

E Magazine
Earth Action Network, Inc.
28 Knight Street
Norwalk, CT 06851
ph:                203.854.5559

Sierra Magazine
Vol. 83, No. 6
November/December 1998 Issue
“Religion and the Environment”

Sierra vol. 83, no. 6 Contents Include:

Article Title   Author
“The Second Creation Story: Redefining the Bond Between Religion and Ecology”   Trebbe Johnson
“On Sacred Ground”   Nicholas O’Connell
“Redwood Rabbis”   Seth Zuckerman

For additional information regarding this special “Religion and Environment” issue of Sierra Magazine, please contact:

Sierra Magazine
Sierra Club
85 Second Street
San Francisco, CA   94105–3441
Ph:            415.977.5500
Fax:           415.977.5799
Email:      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Time Magazine
Vol. 155, No. 17
April-May, 2000
Special Edition
Earth Day 2000

Time vol. 155, no. 17 Contents:

Article Title   Author
“Man and Nature”   Roger Rosenblatt
“State of the Planet”   Eugene Linden
“View form the White House”   President Bill Clinton
“Biodiversity”   Edward O. Wilson
“Hero: Laurie Marker”   Peter Hawthorne
“Natural Medicine”   Mark J. Plotkin
“Wildlife Conservation”   Richard Leakey
“Oceans”   Carl Safina
“Hero: Noah Idechong”   Jerry McCarthy
“Population”   Jeffrey Kluger
“Hero: Nirmala Palsamy”   Meenakshi Ganguly
“Sprawl”   Dick Thompson
“A Century of Heroes”   Frederic Golden
“Climate”   Michael D. Lemonick
“Heroes: Amory and Hunter Lovins”   Christopher Hallowell
“Freshwater”   Marc Reisner
“Hero: Ron Gatto”   Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
“Hero: Prince Charles”   Christopher Redman
“Activism”   Nadya Labi
“Hero: Brian Staszenski”   Mark Hertsgaard
“Celebrity Heroes”   Leonardo Di Caprio
“The Internet”   Chris Taylor
“The Future”   Mark Hertsgaard
“Reflections”   Stewart Brand
“Time for Kids: Global Edition”   Editors, Time for Kids

  On-line Version:
  “Earth Day 2000: Protecting Our Planet, Protecting Ourselves”

To obtain back issue copies of Time Magazine, please contact them at:

  Time Custom Reprints
  Time and Life Building
  14th Floor
  Rockefeller Center
  New York, NY   10020
  Ph:            1.212.522.1779
  Fax:           1.212.522.1623
  Email:      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Whole Earth Magazine
Winter 1997 Issue
“The Earth in Crisis: Religion’s New Test of Faith”
This issue devotes more than 40 pages to issues regarding religion and ecology.

To obtain a copy of this special “The Earth in Crisis: Religion’s New Test of Faith” issue of the Whole Earth Magazine please contact:

  Whole Earth Magazine
  P. O. Box 3000
  Denville, NJ   07834–9879
  Ph:            1.888.732.6739
  Email:      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Birmingham Post and Mail (United Kingdom)
January 1, 2001
“Carey Warns of Human Predators Plundering Earth”

Boston Globe
November 14, 2000
“Ecological Worldview Offers Vision of Cosmic Harmony”
Chet Raymo

Boston Globe
October 21, 1998
“Ecology Project Sees Religion Role: A Move to Tap ‘Moral Force’”
Scott Allen

Christian Century
November 4, 1998
“Faith and the Environment”

Christian Science Monitor
February 17, 2000
“The Greening of Religion”
Jane Lampman
URL (Archive):         http://www.csmonitor.com/archive/index.html

Christian Science Monitor
October 1, 1998
“Earth’s Alarm Calls for Deeper Values”
Jane Lampman
URL (Archive):       http://www.csmonitor.com/archive/index.html

The Daily Telegraph (London)
January 01, 2001
“Western World’s Greed Threatens Planet’s Survival, Says Carey”
Sandra Laville
URL (Home Page):    http://www.telegraph.co.uk

The Dallas Morning News
January 9, 2000
“Interfaith and Oil: Interfaith Group Squares Off with Exxon Mobil, Global Warming at Heart of Environmental Debate”
Dianne Solis
URL (Archive):         http://archive.dallasnews.com

The Detroit News
May 27, 1999
“Religion and Environmentalism”
George Bullard

The Detroit News
September 26, 1998
“Environmentalism Can be an Odd Fit for Churches”
George Bullard

The Globe and Mail (Canada)
December 26, 2000
“Bishops Wade into the Waters”
Robert Matas
Reprint Info:            https://customer.theglobeandmail.ca/circsReprininfo.asp

The Guardian (London)
January 1, 2001
“In Brief: Archbishop’s Green Message”
URL (Archive):        http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/

The Independent (London)
January 1, 2001
“Wealthy Plundering the Planet, Says Archbishop”
Matthew Beard

The Independent (London)
September 24, 1995
“New Ark Sails into Green and Dreadful Revelation”
Geoffrey Lean

The Journal (Newcastle, United Kingdom)
January 1, 2001
“Carey Warns of ’Predators’”

The Los Angeles Times
November 5, 2000
“New Message from the Pulpit: Ecology Must be Joined with Theology”
Linda Ashton (Associated Press)
URL (Archive):       http://latimes.com/archives/

The Los Angeles Times
January 22, 2000
“Greening of Faith Has Many Shades of Meaning”
Larry B. Stammer
URL (Archive):         http://latimes.com/archives/

The Los Angeles Times
December 5, 1999
“Episcopalians Plan Ecology Campaign”
Larry B. Stammer
URL (Archive):         http://latimes.com/archives/

The Los Angeles Times
December 5, 1999
“Preaching Earthly Concerns”
Larry B. Stammer and Seema Mehta
URL (Archive):         http://latimes.com/archives/

The Mirror (United Kingdom)
January 1, 2001
“Carey: We’re Killing Earth”
Caroline Gammell

The New York Times
November 14, 2000
“From the Green Patriarch, A Plea for Planet Earth”
Robert Worth
URL (Archive):         http://archives.nytimes.com/archives/

The New York Times
October 22, 2000 “Ideas and Trends: God and Nature; Saving Souls and Salmon”
Jim Robbins
URL (Archive):         http://archives.nytimes.com/archives/

The New York Times
October 24, 1998
“An Environmental Agenda for the World’s Faiths”
Staff Writers
URL: (Archive):        http://archives.nytimes.com/archives/

The News of the World (Europe)
December 31, 2000
“Clerics Should Bar the Hunts”

The Star (Africa)
December 10, 2000
“South Africa to Hold 2002 Earth Summit”
URL (Home Page):   http://www.iol.co.za/html/frame_news.php

The Times (London)
January 1, 2001
“Earth Faces Ruin from Wealthy, Carey Warns”
Andrew Norfolk
URL (Home Page):   http://www.the-times.co.uk

The Washington Post
March 11, 1999
“A Communion with Nature: Interfaith Group in St. Mary’s Intertwines the Spiritual, the Ecological”
Jessie Mangaliman
URL (Archive):         http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-adv/archives/front.htm

The Washington Post
October 24, 1998
“A New Emphasis on the Nature of Religion”
Bill Broadway
URL (Archive):         http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-adv/archives/front.htm

The Washington Times
October 22, 1998
“Religions’ Aid Sought in Ecological Crusade”
Larry Witham
URL (Archive):         http://www.washtimes.com/archives/


News Services

Religion Newswriters Association
"Religion and Environment Movement Has Growth Spurt "



CBS News
"A World To Share: Religious Perspectives on Saving the Environment"
Air Date June 22, 2003

This program presents religious viewpoints regarding the planet and discusses the human role in protecting the environment. The program includes commentary from:

Thomas Berry, a noted ecologist and theologian, who calls for a spiritual awareness of the interrelatedness of humans with all other life forms.

Dan Misleh, a participant of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, who argues that we will awaken to the dangers of mistreating and disrespecting nature only when a new virus infiltrates the human community.

Mary Evelyn Tucker, Professor of Religion at Bucknell University, who argues that our love of conveniences are damaging our natural world.

Bob Edgar, a former Congressperson and the current General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, who views the population explosion and the suffering of the poor as important warning signs that should not be ignored.

Arianna Silverman, Sierra Club representative who discusses Jewish insights on respecting nature.

Rev. Jim Ball, a Southern Baptist representative of the Evangelical Environmental Network who participated in a recent "What Would Jesus Drive?" ad campaign.

To order copies of this program call: 1.800.494.6007
Ask for the CBS Relgiion Special entitled, "A World to Share," that aired on June 22, 2003.

CNS News
“Religion and Environmentalism: Match Made in Heaven?”
Justin Torres